The Evolution of Caribbean Parent


So, I’ve been MIA from my blog, mostly, because life gets in the way and in my quest to effectively parent my children I have to ensure my priorities are lined up correctly. I have to say I got in quite a bit of family time and for that I’m grateful. My sister and her family visited for a few days and we had an amazing time in the city.


The other thing is that, I didn’t think it would be as difficult to write about parenting, considering its something I do on a daily basis. Man was I wrong, I was often torn between what to share and deciding whether or not I was qualified to write on a particular subject that came to mind. As I launched this website I selected a few bloggers that seemed interesting and began following them. The one thing I noticed about these blogs  is that you could sense the authenticity and the content is relevant. And then it hit me, why limit myself to just parenting  when there is so much value to be added by sharing  insights on other areas of life? 


That presented a bit of a dilemma, since I started the blog to be a parenting resource and already named the site Caribbean Parent. The truth is, being a parent has been a driving force for me and I can attribute my success to the fact that I want to show my children that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. I still believe the information I’ll share will be of value to parents so that kind of  justifies the reason the site will remain Caribbean Parent lol. Almost everything we do is to ensure that they have a better life than we did. I have accomplished quite a bit in four and a half years and I believe the knowledge I’ve gained is relevant to anyone trying to do just that. I will share tips on a variety of subjects including career and personal finance  that will hopefully add value to your journey. Feel free to leave a comment below and follow the blog.

2 comments on “The Evolution of Caribbean Parent”

  1. This is awesome and reflects my goals as well as my struggles. I knowy kids will love hate this aspect of my life but will also be privileged to see life through my eyes. Keep it up and upload a fee drafts to come back to at a later date. You have it and I look forward to more from you.


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